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X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Can Bus driven
  • Double display
  • S.F.D. cassette size detection
  • Cross divisions up to 8x
X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table

A traditional diagnostic device redesigned to match user needs and to grant extreme patient safety. X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table is easy to use, reliable and allows all examination with smooth and silent movements.

This heart of technology is protected by an eye-catching strong metal skin: a modern design that lasts undamaged for years! Just check the datasheet to discover how X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table get’s over your expectations.

Performance and Safety Features

  • Fast Bolus Chasing
  • Single Rupture and Anti-collision Safety Feature
  • Ergonomic Main Control Panel, both right handed and left handed
  • All surfaces (non allergic) allow easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Structural Strength

    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table, built on a stable and strong mechanical structure, is covered by massive metal sheets where usually plastic moulds are applied. This Arcom trademark is not afecting the overall weight.

    Wider Examination Area

    The wide movements allow to perform all examinations without moving the patient. The user can move the spot flm device following the contrast mean through its irregular path and taking into account diferent directions and speed of deglutition.

    SFD Console Commands

    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table  X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table
    • Preset division
    • Rapid Sequence
    • Cassette Load/Unload
    • Room Light
    • Compressor In/Out
    • Hold Function
    • Commands for I.I.
    • TV Chain Kv Selection (Auto/Manual)
    • TV Image Inversion
    • X-Ray command and fluoro command available on SFD command display and separate footswitch or hand-switch
    • I.I. zoom
    • 4 ways tabletop movement
    • Tilting (+90°/-15° adjustable speed)
    • SFD longitudinal movements
    • SFD compression movement 3 speed selectable

    SFD Display

      Information displayed:

    • Cassette size
    • Selected division
    • Number of available exposition
    • Progressive number of division
    • Errors/messages etc.

    Table Console

    • Tilting commands
    • Longitudinal tabletop commands
    • Transversal commands

    Table Display

    • Shows tilting angle


    • Footrest
    • Handgrips
    • Shoulder rest
    • Lateral cassette support
    • Pressing band
    • Leg supports for gynaecologic exams
    • SFD liquid protection
    • Fluoroscopy footswitch
    • Protective leaded curtains

    System Components*

    *Different devices are available under ARCOM approval

    Image Intensifier

    Size 9″ 12″
    Field Three: 9″/6″/4″ Three: 12″/9″/6″
    Diameter of image output 20 mm 25 mm
    Conversion factor 240 Cd/m2/mR/s 240 Cd/m2/mR/s
    Limit resolution 48/56/64 lp/cm 44/50/56 lp/cm
    Contrast ratio on large area 23:1 22:1

    All movements are smooth and silent, all commands are easily reachable in the main console for a quick adjustment before rad exposure and during fluoroscopic investigations.

    X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table is a multipurpose, hi tech diagnostic device with high-end standards for quality and safety.

    Just check available options, accessories and configurations to find the right specs and budget for every market!

    TV Camera

    Compact digital CCD 1kx1k progressive TV camera

    25 images/sec. acquisition rate at 1024×1024 pixel resolution

    Built in Noise Reduction Digital Filter (CPLD)

    TV camera adjustment via RS232 communication

    100 steps gain control

    100 steps ofset control (black level)

    X-Ray Generator

    Power 65 kW
    Nominal High Voltage 150 kW
    RX Tube Highest Current 800 mA
    max mA @ max kV 800mA @ 75kV
    650mA @ 100kV
    500mA @ 125kV
    400mA @ 150kV
    Inverter frequency 120 kHz
    mAs Range 0,4….600mAs
    Automatic Exposure Control 2 chambers
    Number of Working Stations max. 4 (3+1 free)

    X-Ray Tubes

    Model Target X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table  Kw 50 Hz Kw 150 Hz Anode kUH kV
    RTM 92 HS 15° 0.6/1.2 12/34 22/65 300 150
    RTM 92 HS 15° 0.6/1.5 12/50 22/90 300 150

    Technical Features

    See the scheme » Dimensions of X-ray Blade Tilting R/T Table »

    Weight 1100 Kg
    Max Height encumbrance 2800 mm
    Max horizontal encumbrance 3100 mm (tabletop centred)
    Max width 2000 mm
    Tabletop Height 880 mm
    Max patient Weight 200 kg
    Power supply 230 Vac +/- 10%
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power absorption 3,5 kVA


    Longitudina l Tabletop Movement (optional) Motorized 600 mm head, 400 mm feet
    Transversal T abletop Movement (optional) Motorized +/-100 mm
    Longitudinal SFD/Tube Movement Motorized o excursion 900 mm
    Transversal SFD/Tube Movement Manual Movement 750 mm o Blocked with ELM Brakes
    Movement X-Ray Tube Motorized and synchronized with SFD o Blocked with ELM Brakes
    Compression Motorized with 3 selectable speeds, counterbalanced, ELM brake
    Lower p lanne S FD – Tabletop distance 200 to 500 mm
    Lower plane SFD – Film distance 56 mm
    Focus – Tabletop distance 450 mm (average)
    Focus – Film (inside SFD) 690 – 990 mm
    Table Tilting Motorized, vertical 90° Trendelemburg -15° (speed 4°/sec, Adjustable)
    Tab le top Size 2100 mm x 770 mm (flat)

    Spot Film Device

    Available Cassette Sizes From 18 x 24 to 35 x 35 cm (8×10’’ a 14×14’’)
    Divisions Direct: 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross: 4 e :6 :8
    Rapid Sequence For divisions 2,3,4 for cross divisions, by couples 2 divisions, the system draws back to parking
    position and then other 2 divisions are performed. For divisions by 6, 3 sequences of 2 divisions
    Scopy / Static Imaging Shifting Time Depending on Cassette Size: Max 1,2 sec.
    Cassette Load From front side SFD, self centering and Easy Load
    Collimation Automatic (shutters in the SFD and Collimator)
    AEC (optional) Set for 6 mm AEC
    Grid Size 15” x 15”, FD 90 cm, 90 L’’
    Grid Movement Vibrating and Synchronized with X-Ray emission
    Hold function Allows manual movement of collimator shutters
    Classification Active Class IIb Medical Device

    Features could change with no advice.

    This system is completed Dose Area Product Measuring System VacuDAP according to the article 17 the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of People against lonizing Radiation».