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Geiger-Mueller counting tubes (VacuTec, Germany)

For more than 50 years, VacuTec (Germany) has been developing and manufacturing Geiger-Muller counting tubes to the highest standards of glass and chrome iron technology.

Geiger-Mueller counting tubes (VacuTec, Germany)

In the high dose range and for detection of particles and low energy X-rays, VacuTec can supply counters with iron-chromium cathodes in the form of small and end tubes. With a wide range of products, we can offer the right counting tube for a variety of applications.

VacuTec Geiger-Muller counting tubes are designed to detect and measure:

  • alpha beats
  • beta stakes
  • gamma rays
  • X-rays


  • Personal safety (e.g. dosimeter, area monitor)
  • Registering radiation levels (e.g. dose rate monitors)
  • Infection monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing of materials and power measurement (online measurement of specific gravity and power)
  • Non-contact signal level measurement
  • Petroleum industry (well survey)
  • Scientific research

Tube sizes are available to suit a wide range of dose rates from natural background radiation to high flux situations. The detectors are used in radiation protection and environmental monitoring. Other applications are in non-destructive testing of materials and non-contact signal level measurement.

Energy compensated meters according to exposure dose equivalent (type E) or ambient dose equivalent (type A) are available for use in the dosimetry and environmental measurement industries. All types conform to strict PTB, ANSI and IEEE standards.

In addition to Geiger-Muller tubes as components, we also offer dose rate monitors for environmental protection, room monitoring and personal monitoring.

To calculate the cost, please contact by e-mail: sales@dailytrade.com.ua