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Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

Exprimer EVS-3643 is quality flat-panel digital X-ray detector.
Csl Scintillator – Indirect Conversion FPD.

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643
Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643
  • Excellent image quality using direct deposited Csl
  • Ultimate sharpness image by TRUVIEW ART
  • Instant upgrade to digital mobile X-ray system
  • High resistance to impact and vibration
  • Low price fixed grid (120 lines/tnch)
  • Slim, Wireless, Long Lasting, Portable

Accurate and Reliable AED Function

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

    Lossless AED

  • Significantly decreased AED malfunction rate
  • Minimal patient x-ray exposure
  • Faster image acquisition
  • Decreased possibility of repeats
  • Sharper & clearer image quality

Direct Deposition Csl

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

    Csl Scintillator

  • Minimal light scattering with columnar structured Csl
  • Optimized Csl thickness
  • High Quality image with high DQE

Light Dispersion Comparison

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

Complete protection against damage

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

    Protection Suit

  • 3.3ft height drop test cleared
  • Metal unibody structure
  • Safe usage in all applications
  • Increased usability with an ergonomic design
  • Horizontal and Vertical designs
  • Portable Console PC attachable

Compact and light

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

    Slim Dual Battery Charger

  • Two EVS 3643 batteries charged simultaneously
  • LED indicator showing battery level
  • Increased portability with compact and light design
  • Efficient space management with horizontal and vertical charging

Wireless Power Charging System

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643


  • 24 hour battery usage
  • Battery charging with no wires
  • Simultaneous battery charging and storing
  • Vertical design for efficient space management

Diagnostic care without limits

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

    Perfect Portability

  • Direct communication with Tablet PC & Smart phones
  • Wireless communication
  • Mobile application
  • Compatible with Portable Console PC (PCP)

Convenient & Smart image processing software

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643


  • Smart and Easy workflow
  • Developed and refined by doctors and radiologists
  • Easily adjustable image parameter tool
  • Optimized for Exprimer, FLAATZ & FDXD
  • Multi-language support
  • Cost Effective

Specifications Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643

Purpose Gen.Rad. / Wireless Portable
Detector Type Csl by direct deposition
Dimensions 386(H) x 460(V) x 14.5(D)
Weight 2.98 kg
Active Area 358 x 430 mm
Pixel Pitch 140 um
Resolution 2,560 x 3,072
A/D Conversion 14 bits
Voltage DC 12V, 5A
Power Consumption 12W maximum
Communication Interface 1 Giga bps / IEEE 802.11n (2.4 / 5 GHz)
X-ray Interface Lossless AED

Flat-Panel Exprimer EVS-3643  Flat Panels Exprimer Series – Download Brochure PDF