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Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C

JUSHA-C33C Medical Display adopts advanced LED technology, which possesses the advantages of high luminance, multiple colors, uniform luminance, energy conservation, environment protection and long using-life. High resolution, high luminance and 16bit colors (281.47 trillion Colors), built-in LUT based on DICOM standard, which all are designed for high-requirement clinical diagnosis, e.g. PACS, MR, CT and other diagnostic facilities.

Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C

  All medical monitors JUSHA comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Ukraine regarding medical devices and have CE marking !

Features Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C

1. High luminance

The luminance of JUSHA-C33C professional medical display can reach up to 800cd/m2. A significant sense of image depth, which is beneficial in locating the nidus, can be formed by the synthetic action of luminance and contrast.

2. High grayscale

JUSHA-C33C professional display is equipped with 16BIT (RGB) chip, with which it can present up to 281.47 trillion color depth (grayscale), a more exquisite display, a smoother image and guarantee a perfect present of each medical image feature.

3. CGA color and grayscale auto-calibration

Jusha most updated patented technology, CGA grayscale and color auto-identify technology, which distinguishes the color and grayscale pixel from the input signal and invokes DICOM calibration for grayscale images, GAMMA calibration for color images. CGA makes it possible for the perfect coexist of grayscale and color images, and guarantees the diagnostic accuracy.

Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C  Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C
Color Medical Display JUSHA-C33C

4. Ins-guard real-time DICOM auto-calibration system

DICOM calibration includes two aspects, one is accuracy calibration before leaving the factory and the other is real-time calibration after leaving the factory. The Ins-guard system, which is particularly developed by Jusha, is DICOM real-time auto-calibration system. The luminance in the central part is monitored by a built-in luminance meter, which also feeds back the control information and auto-calibrates pixel luminance in the LCD panel, ensuring the luminance output comply with DICOM standard. The measurement in central point is more coincidence to the luminance requirement in practical observation area.

5. Screen luminance equilibrium calibration-SLE

The luminance is not equilibrium and difference will be significant among the areas in the LCD monitor without calibration, which will affect the display of medical image GSDF grayscale display function and cause negative effect on the quality of DICOM calibration. The full screen luminance equilibrium calibration (SLE), which is particularly possessed by JUSHA, detects the luminance of each pixel and performs the calibration. In this case, the luminance equilibrium for the medical display requirement is ensured.

6. Brightness immediately arise technology

BIA The brightness is expected to arise and maintain stable immediately after the monitor is opened. The stability of the brightness is one of the most important foundations for the nidus observation. Normally, it will take 20 minutes for the traditional monitors reach the stable and required luminance. JUSHA developed BIA (Brightness immediately arise technology), shorted the waiting time for stable status after activation to 30s by the innovation in luminance driver program.

7. SmarTouch® patent

Chinese diagnosticians review much more images than those abroad. They hope the review is done under low luminance and the observation of features is under high luminance. To reduce the visual fatigue during the review, Jusha developed SmarTouch® patent. The luminance can be changed by tapping the SmarTouch button, and the luminance remains stable immediately based on the BIA technology. It guarantees an accurate diagnosis as well as visual protection to the doctors.

8. Environmental light detection and calibration

Environmental light is an important factor in affecting viewing result. Under different environmental light, review result of the image of same brightness is different. Jusha environmental light detection and calibration system is able to detect and use the light data, adjust the display effect to make it comply with the human visual ability, present image and is applicable various kinds of brightness environment.

9. Remote smart energy-saving Eco-guardian

Jusha professional medical display is equipped with Eco-guardian function, which can be used for detection of the existence of users in front of the monitor. The monitor can get into a standby status in a setting time to save energy. Moreover, it can identify the users and other lifeless objects like chairs, making the operation smarter and more convenient.

10. Remote quality control system

The quality control system of Jusha Professional monitor can monitor and control the status of all Jusha monitors through network remotely. The field maintenance of monitors in hospitals will disturb the normal order for treatment. The remote quality control system makes it more convenient. Jusha remote quality control system provides a better experience of remote maintenance and monitoring service.

Specifications Medical Display JUSHA-C33C

Model No. JUSHA-C33C
(3M LED Color Medical Display)
Panel Panel Type a-Si
Backlight LED
Size 21.3″
Type (Color/Monochrome) Color
Active Display 433.152(H) x 324.864(V)mm
Mpixel 3MP
Resolution 2048×1536 / 1536×2048
Aspect ratio 4:3
Pixel Pitch 0.2115 x 0.2115mm
Response Time 40ms
Brightness 800cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1400:1
Color Tone 281.47 Trillion Colors (16bit)
View angle ≥176°(CR≥10)
Sensor Backlight / Front / Presence / Ambient Light / Temperature Sensor
Gamma presets 8 DICOM Presets and 3 GAMMA
LUT LUM 250, LUM 300, LUM 350, LUM 400, LUM 450, LUM 500, LUM 550, LUM 600, DICOM, GAMMA 2.2, GAMMA 2.4, GAMMA 2.6, DSA, DSI, CT/MRI
Video Signals Interface DVI-Dx1, DPx1
Power Power Requirements Built-in / MDS-100 APS12B / Delta
Max Power Consumption 68.72W
Typical Power Consumption 64.04W
Cabinet color Matte Black
Dimensions 382mm * 238mm * 533mm
Dimensions(Without Stand) 382mm * 75mm * 490mm
Net Weight 9.85kg
Net Weight (Without Stand) 6.7kg
Hole Spacing VESA Standard: 100*100mm
Certifications MDD 93/42/EEC; A1:2007/47/EC class IIb product
IEC 60601-1:2005 + CORR.1(2006) + CORR.2(2007), EN60601-1:2006 + AC(2010),
CFR 47 FCC PART15 subpart B, 2013,
EN 60601-1-2:2007 + AC:2010
IEC 60601-1-2:2007
ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1:2005 + C1:2009 + A2:2010, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1-08
GB9254-2008; GB17625.1-2012
Osd Languages English