X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM

In a warehouse in Kyiv

The new mobile X-ray system Mobile 32 manufactured by ARCOM International (Italy) is designed to meet the needs of any intensive care unit or emergency medical service. The X-ray machine has very compact size, combines power and flexibility.

X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM
X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM

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All dimensions are in millimeters.

The mobile X-ray system Mobile 32 supports a wide range of applications. Depending on your needs, Mobile 32 can be used: as a bedside X-ray, a mobile solution in recovery rooms, or even as an add-on X-ray system in emergency rooms.

X-ray mobile system Mobile 32 has an excellent price – performance ratio.

In addition to its compact design, the mobile X-ray system offers a wide range of positioning options. X-ray provides several levels of rotation of the monoblock, providing the ability to adapt to the necessary conditions for any inspection.

These X-ray systems are occasionally called ward. But its use is not limited of using in hospital wards. Mobile 32 is fully adapted to be used in the intensive care and emergency department, pediatrics, neonatology and orthopedics rooms.

Large rear wheels and a comfortable handle make it extremely easy to maneuver through narrow corridors, elevators and hospital rooms.

X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM
X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM
X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM
X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM
X-ray mobile system Mobile 32, ARCOM


High Frequency monobloc

Maximum power32kW (320 mA – 100 kV @ 100 ms)
Maximum voltage125 kV
Maximum mAs320 mAs
Maximum mA400 mA
Monobloc thermal capacity600 kJ (800 KHU)
Monobloc continuous thermal dissipation55 W
Frequency40 kHz
kV ripple< 2%
Leakage radiation (IEC 601-1-3)< 0,5 mGy/h
Total filtration> 2,5 mm Al @ 75 kV


Rotating X-ray tube

Focal spot size0,6 mm – 1,3 mm
Maximum voltage130 kV
Anode speed3000 r.p.m.
Anode materialRTM
Anode angle15°
Anode heat storage capacity80 kJ (107 kHU)
Maximum continuous anode heat dissipation320 W


Microprocessor controller console

Display10” TFT LCD touchscreen, 16,2 M color, 340 cd/m2
Resolution1024 x 600 pixel
AlarmAcoustic and luminous X-ray emission alarm
APRLanguages available:

• Italian
• English
• French
• Spanish
• German
• Russian
• Portuguese
• Polish
• Bulgarian
• Turkish
• Indonesian
• Vietnamese


3-point operationkV – mA – ms
2-point operationkV – mAs
Anatomical programming510 stored techniques
Compensation levels5 patient’s thickness compensation levels
Film screen selection3 speeds
Firmware updatingInternal USB port
Exposure time3 ms ÷ 6300 ms (34 steps)
kV range40 kV ÷ 125 kV (1 kV step)
mA range25 mA ÷ 400 mA (13 steps)
mAs range (2 points technique)0,1 mAs ÷ 320 mAs (36 steps)
Two modalitiesWith two push-buttons on control console

Two-step hand switch complete of spiral cable extendable up to 3,8 m.


  • Automatic control and protection of the filament current
  • Over current protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • X-ray tube overload protection
  • Monobloc kHU automatic survey
  • Errors description

  • Manual collimator
  • Adjustment from 0x0 to 43×43 cm at 1 m focal distance (FFD)
  • High intensity lamp (160 lux) for X-ray field simulation and automatic switch Off programmable by software from 5s to 120s.
  • Retractable tape measure for FFD measurement
  • ±90° collimator rotation

  • Counterbalanced unit
  • Antistatic rubber wheels
  • Dead-man operated parking brake
  • Variable focus-floor distance from 450 mm to 2000 mm
  • Monobloc yoke support rotation: +90° / -90°
  • Monobloc rotation in the yoke: -35° / +190°
  • Cassette bin for storing up to nr. 6 radiographic cassettes 35×43 cm size (14 x 17 inches)
  • Overall dimensions in transport position 109 x 68 x 158 (H) cm
  • Weight: ≃165 kg

  • Voltage: 230 Vac single phase 10%
  • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Nominal current: 5 A
  • Momentary current: 32 A
  • Total line resistance: 0,40 Ω
  • Automatic line compensation: ±

    This system is completed Dose Area Product Measuring System VacuDAP according to the article 17 the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of People against lonizing Radiation».

    X-Ray system can be delivered according to Decree of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №224 from 20 march 2020.