Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G

Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G – professional grayscale (2M) display adopts industry-leading LED technology with advantages of high brightness, high grayscale, uniform brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life.

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Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G

  All medical monitors JUSHA comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Ukraine regarding medical devices and have CE marking.
VAT on medical monitors – 7%!

In addition, it features high resolution, high brightness and 12-bit grayscale (4096 level), built-in DICOM standard LUT.

Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G can be used demanding clinical diagnostic applications such as PACS, CR, DR, MR, CT and other diagnostic equipment.

Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G
Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G

Features Diagnostic Medical Display JUSHA-M260G

1. High grayscale

The M260G features a 12-bit LUT that can express 4096-level grayscale with smoother image transition. It ensures that grayscale image from high-end imaging equipment can be presented completely in front of a doctor. In addition, it is also helpful for diagnosing early-stage lesions that have extremely small grayscale difference from normal tissue.

2. Ins-guard real-time DICOM automatic correction system

Jusha Ins-guard system is a DICOM real-time automatic correction system. It monitors the brightness of the center point of the screen in real time through a built-in brightness sensor , and feeds back to the correction system to automatically correct the brightness of the LCD panel to ensure compliance with DICOM standards. The center point measures and controls the brightness, making it more in line with the screen brightness requirements in the actual viewing area.

3. Full-screen brightness equalization correction SLE

Jusha full-screen brightness equalization system SLE measures and corrects the brightness of each pixel of the monitor to ensure that the brightness uniformity meets the medical display requirements.

4. Film viewer mode

A film viewer mode is built-in the display with film clips, which can be quickly turned on by shortcut key for doctors to read x-ray films.

5. Dynamic LUT

M260 adopts dynamic LUT technology. Compared with the traditional LUT, DICOM calibration is no longer limited to the brightness curve previously set in the LUT. The dynamic LUT technology can be used to perform DICOM calibration of the display s real time brightness and contrast to ensure that the entire brightness range of the medical display complies with DICOM standards.

6. SmarTouch technology

Chinese diagnosticians read much more films than their foreign counterpart. A Chinese diagnostician prefers to read film under low brightness and observe details under high brightness to reduce visual fatigue out of reading films. Jusha developed SmarTouch technology. By clicking the SmarTouch button, the brightness of the display can be instantaneously changed. At the same time, the BIA quickly stabilizes the brightness based on the brightness enhancement technology while protecting the doctor’s eyesight during accurate diagnosis.

7. Correction by front sensor

The front sensor can detect the brightness of the light emitted by the display panel, work with the backlight sensor to detect the brightness and ensure that the brightness of the LCD panel meets the DICOM standard.

8. Remote quality control system

Jusha professional monitor’s remote quality control system can remotely monitor and control the status of all Jusha professional displays via a computer network. The field maintenance and calibration of professional medical displays in hospital sometimes affect the hospital’s normal operation. Remote operation is more convenient. Jusha remote quality control system provides clients with remote maintenance and monitoring services.

Specifications Medical Display JUSHA-M260G

Model № JUSHA – M260G
Type (Color/Monochrome)Monochrome
Active Display432(H) x 324(V) mm
Resolution1600×1200 / 1200×1600
Megapixel 2 MP
Pixel Pitch0.270 x 0.270 mm
Response Time16ms ( 8ms + 8ms)
Brightness1000 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1400:1
Grayscale tone16 384
View angle≥178° (CR≥10)
SensorBacklight Sensor / Front Sensor/ Temperature Sensor
Video SignalsDVI-Dx1, DPxl
Power Requirements12V DC-4A
Cabinet colorCold Grey
Dimensions382mm * 635mm * 238mm
Dimensions ( Without Stand )382mm * 490mm * 77mm
Net Weight11.1 kg
Net Weight ( Without Stand )6.5 kg