X-ray complex MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1

Polyvalent equipment for general radio diagnostic.

X-ray complex MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1
Fixed-focal distance (140 cm). Motorized up and down movement.
It allows the following exposures:
• Thorax and abdomens;
• Skull;
• Vertebral column;
• Extremities.

The device is suitable for radiographies to standing up patients. Unit to be equipped with radiogenic elements: collimator, digital detector and removable grid, generator, X-ray tube, H.T. cables. (Not included in the IMX-8B2 price).

Device in conformity to 93/42/CEE directive.

See the scheme » Dimensions of MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1 »

X-ray complex MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1

Motorized vertical excursion of the X-Ray tube/detector arm134,5 cm
Focal distance (Fixed)140 cm
Distance from detector’s center to the floormin. 44,5 cm / max. 179 cm
Distance from External cover to detector’s focal plane4 cm
Rotate the radiator around its axis (optional)90° (radiation down)
Power Supply230Vac ±10% 50Hz 6A
Equipment Weight~205 kg
X-ray generatorGenerator CMP200, 32 kW (standard), 40 kW (option);
Generator with condenser storage СМР150ЕА, 32(22) kW (option);
Generator with condenser storage ODEL (Italy) Nebula R212.1 EA, 32kW or 40 kW (option)
X-ray tubeIAE X42 in housing C40 (standard);
IAE X76 in housing C40 (option);
IAE X39 in housing C40 (option)
Digital detector 
For modification IMX-8B2Digital X-ray detector
IONA-2-R, 4343 (standard)
For modification IMX-8B1Flat-panel detector manufactured by
DRTECH (Republic of Korea)
EVS4343G (Gadox) or EVS4343 (CsI)
CollimatorDepth, multilayer manual collimating system with X-ray photo-localizer
Arms holderIMA-8B2-RB
Anti-X protectionsIMA-8B2-XP
Fixed, Removable Grid with high density (option)F 150, R 10:1, L 215 lp\Inch
Device for automatic exposition control AEC (option)Solid state camera SOLID STATE MC610 + Extension cabel, SSMC, 15M
Temperature (operative)+10°C to +35°C
Temperature (storage)-10°C to +40°C
Maximum Humidity80% without dew
Maximum Altitude for using3500 meters