X-ray complex MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1

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Polyvalent equipment for general radio diagnostic.

X-ray complex MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1
Fixed-focal distance (140 cm). Motorized up and down movement.
It allows the following exposures:
• Thorax and abdomens;
• Skull;
• Vertebral column;
• Extremities.

The device is suitable for radiographies to standing up patients. Unit to be equipped with radiogenic elements: collimator, digital detector and removable grid, generator, X-ray tube, H.T. cables. (Not included in the IMX-8B2 price).

Device in conformity to 93/42/CEE directive.

See the scheme » Dimensions of MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1 »

X-ray complex MULTIGRAPH B PLUS IMX-8B2, IMX-8B1

Motorized vertical excursion of the X-Ray tube/detector arm134,5 cm
Focal distance (Fixed)140 cm
Distance from detector’s center to the floormin. 44,5 cm / max. 179 cm
Distance from External cover to detector’s focal plane4 cm
Rotate the radiator around its axis (optional)90° (radiation down)
Power Supply230Vac ±10% 50Hz 6A
Equipment Weight~205 kg
X-ray generatorGenerator CMP200, 32 kW (standard), 40 kW (option);
Generator with condenser storage СМР150ЕА, 32(22) kW (option);
Generator with condenser storage ODEL (Italy) Nebula R212.1 EA, 32kW or 40 kW (option)
X-ray tubeIAE X42 in housing C40 (standard);
IAE X76 in housing C40 (option);
IAE X39 in housing C40 (option)
Digital detector 
For modification IMX-8B2Digital X-ray detector
IONA-2-R, 4343 (standard)
For modification IMX-8B1Flat-panel detector manufactured by
DRTECH (Republic of Korea)
EVS4343G (Gadox) or EVS4343 (CsI)
CollimatorDepth, multilayer manual collimating system with X-ray photo-localizer
Arms holderIMA-8B2-RB
Anti-X protectionsIMA-8B2-XP
Fixed, Removable Grid with high density (option)F 150, R 10:1, L 215 lp\Inch
Device for automatic exposition control AEC (option)Solid state camera SOLID STATE MC610 + Extension cabel, SSMC, 15M
Temperature (operative)+10°C to +35°C
Temperature (storage)-10°C to +40°C
Maximum Humidity80% without dew
Maximum Altitude for using3500 meters

This system is completed Dose Area Product Measuring System VacuDAP according to the article 17 the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of People against lonizing Radiation».

X-Ray system can be delivered according to Decree of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №224 from 20 march 2020.