Vertical bucky IMX-24

Single column vertical bucky stand IMX-024 with cm. 35×43 potter bucky.

Device in conformity to 93/42/CEE directive.

Vertical bucky IMX-24

Single column wall-mounted bucky stand. Equipped with reciprocating potter bucky and reversible cassette tray loading, with motorized vibrating grid.

    Used for standing patient radiography such as:

  • Lung examination.
  • Orthopaedic examination.
  • Abdomen examination.
    Technical Features:

  • Power supply 24 V DC/AC.
  • The potter bucky is mounted on a long travel mechanically locked carriage with counter weight balancing system.
  • Adjustable for radiographic cassettes; sizes from:
    13×18 cm to 35×43 cm.
    Optionals extras:

  • Arm support attachment.
  • Neck support attachment.
  • External cassette holder.
  • AEC attachment.
  • Skull unit for cephalometries.

See the scheme » Dimensions of Vertical bucky IMX-24 »

Specifications Vertical bucky IMX-24

Power supplySee bucky
Weight of the equipment132 kg
Bucky vertical run with stop by electromagnetic brake123 cm
Size64 x 201 x 42 cm
Top-film distance 5 cm
Distance from bucky center to the floorMin. 43 mm
Max. 179 mm
Acceptable cassette sizesSee bucky
Absorption coefficient ≤ di 0,6 mm Al
Potter Bucky24V 50Hz 1A
230V 50Hz 1A
Grid48 x 43.6 cm
103 LPI – R10.1 Foc. 150 cm
ClassCEI EN 60601-1
(Class I type B) and further corrections
Temperature (operative)+10°C to + 35°C
Temperature (storage)–10°C to +40°C
Maximum Humidity80% without dew
Maximum Altitude for using3500 meters