Veterinary X-ray complex Pratic 1 Veterinarix IMX-22A

Pratic 1 Veterinarix IMX-22A – X-ray Table and column for veterinary use, only mechanical part with fixed column and fixed focus film distance.

Veterinary X-ray complex Pratic 1 Veterinarix IMX-22A

Veterinary system Pratic 1 Veterinarix IMX-22A very simple to use. Composed of column and table with table-top floating in four directions, with brake release foot-pedal placed under the table.

Thanks to this feature patients positioning is made easier since you do not have to move them manually.
You can match this system with any type of X-ray source with fixed or rotating anode and control box.

    Optional accessories:

  • Cassette holder to be placed under table.
  • Cm. 35×43 potter bucky.
  • Column with variable focus-film distance.
  • Manual diaphragm with light.
  • Compression band.
  • Fixed anode 110 kV 100 mA double focus generator with electronic control box, kV continuous adjustment from 40 to ITOkV, timer from 10 ms to 5 sec. in 25 selections.
  • High Frequency microprocessor controlled generator, with control box indicating all data on a digital display, max power 125 kV 200 mAs, 12 anatomic techniques.

Veterinary X-ray complex Pratic 1 Veterinarix IMX-22A in conformity to 93/42/CEE directive.

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Specifications Pratic 1 Veterinarix IMX-22A

Power supply230Vac ±10% 50Hz 3A
Weight of the equipment130 kg
Longitudinal run±330mm
Transversal run±120mm
Height from the ground730mm
Suitable cassette sizes13-18cm / 15-30cm / 18-24cm / 24-30cm /
30-30cm / 20-40cm / 35-43cm
Absorption coefficient≤ 0,8 mm Al.
Potter Bucky (OPTIONAL)24V 50Hz 1A
230V 50Hz 1A
Grid480mm x 436mm
103 LPI – R10.1 Foc. 100 cm
Max. Weight9,7 Kg
Check compatibility with X-ray tube 
Lamp’s power supply24V~ with 3 poles cable
(2+ grounding)
ModelsPlease contact us for compatibility check
Max. Weight40 Kg
Check compatibility with collimator 
ModelsPlease contact us for compatibility check
ClassCEI EN 60601-1
(Class I type B) and further corrections
Temperature (operative)+10°C to +35°C
Temperature (storage)–10°C to +40°C
Maximum Humidity80% without dew
Maximum Altitude for using3500 meters