IMA-2 Support for fixed DR panel

IMA-2 Detector Holder is an X-Ray device designed and manufactured in conformity with Dlg 46/97, which receipts 93/42/CEE EU Dir., and further modification and integrations, as those provided by January 25th, 2010, n. 37 Dlg., which receipts 2007/47/CE EU Dir.

IMA-2 Support for fixed DR panel

Fixed detector holder with no rotation, for cm 41×43 and 43×43, permanently installed flat panel for fixed grid, suitable for installation on chest stand, BRS, bucky tables.

You can combine IMA-2 Detector Holder with other devices to compose a general radiological system for clinical diagnosis on patients. Typical application is with patient in prone or orthostatic position.

IMA-2 Detector Holder unit must be exclusively used in a hospital environment, only operated by skilled technical personnel.

    Detector Holder is equipped with:

  • support for stationary grid (without grid).

See the scheme » Dimensions of IMA-2 Support for fixed DR panel»

Specifications IMA-2 Support for fixed DR panel

Weight of the equipment
(without detector, grid and ion chamber)
15 Kg
Mechanical Dimensions584 x 572 x h 68 mm
Flat Panel Dimension (Max)490 mm x 500 mm x h 45,5 mm
X-ray Grids (max. thickness 5mm.)479.5 x 438 (±1mm)
3 Fields solid state chambersAllowed Sizes: max 472 x 460 mm
Max thickness: 8 mm
This model of Detector Holder is not covered by regulations and rules about electromagnetic emission and compatibility because is not provided with any power supply, any electric or electronic components or circuit. Consequently all tests and rules in relation to the under power parts is not applicable.
Temperature (storage)–15°C to +70°C
Humidity level (storage)-10% to 95%
Temperature (operative)+10°C to +40°C
Humidity level (operative)-10% to 80%
Atmospheric pressure (operative)3500 m