ANTARIX X-ray Tomograph IMX-3A

ANTARIX Tomographic System IMX-3A is a radiological table with potter bucky and vibrating grid, manual light beam collimator, column and tomographic group.

ANTARIX X-ray Tomograph IMX-3A

Table top is flat, particularly suitable for injured and disable patients. You can move it in all directions by means of a foot pedal located in the front lower part of the table. The unit’s column, sliding on floor rails, with the facility of x-ray tube arm rotation, allows you to operate in combination with Vertical Bucky for upstanding radiographies.

ANTARIX X-ray Tomograph IMX-3A in conformity to 93/42/CEE directive.

See the scheme » Dimensions of ANTARIX Tomographic System IMX-3A »

Specifications ANTARIX Tomographic System IMX-3A

Power supply230Vac +/- 10% 50Hz 5A
Weight of the equipment464 kg
Table top dimensions2200 x 747 mm
Height from the ground734 mm
Longitudinal run± 407 mm
Transversal run± 120 mm
Table top to film distance96 mm
Potter bucky longitudinal run490 mm
Max patient’s weight250 Kg
Suitable cassette sizesSee bucky
Absorption coefficient≤ 0,8 mm Al.
Potter Bucky24V 50Hz 1A
230V 50Hz 1A
Grid480mm x 436mm
103 LPI – R10.1 Foc. 100 cm
Layer heightFrom 0 to 240 mm
Focus film distance1000 mm
Tube arm vertical movement (Vertical X-Ray beam)Min. 520 mm
Max. 1950 mm
Tube arm vertical movement (Horizontal X-Ray beam)Min. 483 mm
Max. 1913 mm
Tube arm transversal movement163 mm ( OPTIONAL )
Tube arm rotation around horizontal axis± 110°
Stand maximum rotation on its vertical axis with mechanical bloc every 90°± 180°
Focus film distanceMin. 1000 mm – Max. 1200 mm
Max. Weight9,7 Kg
Check compatibility with X-ray tube 
Lamp’s power supply24V~ with 3 poles cable
(2+ grounding)
ModelsPlease contact us for compatibility check
Max. Weight24 Kg
Check compatibility with collimator 
ModelsPlease contact us for compatibility check
ClassCEI EN 60601-1
(Class I type B) and further corrections
Temperature (operative)+10°C to +35°C
Temperature (storage)–10°C to +40°C
Maximum Humidity80% without dew
Maximum Altitude for using3500 meters

ANTARIX X-ray Tomograph IMX-3A

This system is completed Dose Area Product Measuring System VacuDAP according to the article 17 the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of People against lonizing Radiation».

X-Ray system can be delivered according to Decree of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №224 from 20 march 2020.